A man saved a bird but later regretted it

Movies, cartoons, and modern social media often tend to turn wild animals into cute, human-like creatures. However, wild bears, tigers, wolves, and any other predators can be very dangerous to humans, especially if they see them as a threat.

In this true story, a photographer accidentally picked up an injured and unconscious bird. He picked him up off the ground, put him in the car seat, and came home to examine him and help him.

The bird was lying well in the car seat and showed no signs of aggression. The man even managed to take a few pictures. Ten minutes later, the bird wakes up and looks around in astonishment. Within seconds, he becomes enraged and pounces on the potential threat behind the wheel.

The man had to leave the vehicle quickly. He called animal rescue, who immobilized the bird and took it to a specialized establishment. He was told the bird was a rare red-listed kite and he wondered how he had come across it. However, the kite was cured and released into the wild.

And the man was thanked for his attention, indeed he saved a rare bird from being killed on the road. Did you like the story? Have you ever encountered wild animals in nature?

Raptors should not be fed unless they need help, otherwise, the animal may take food from humans for granted and deliberately come toward humans in search of food. This can lead to tragedy. It is therefore best not to feed bears and wolves if you encounter them in the woods.

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