A rescue dog supported a young girl who had fainted and thus saved her from injury

The behavior of dogs sometimes suggests that people know too little about them. How does a dog walking through a loud, festive crowd, for example, instantly spot an already passed out girl and manage to hold her up? It sounds unbelievable, but that’s exactly what happened.

The dog who saved the young girl from hitting her face on the sidewalk is called Picasso.

In fact, they originally wanted to call him Picasso, but an employee of a shelter in the American city of Charleston, Virginia, where a worried passerby had brought the street dog, got it wrong and wrote the word « Picasso », so the former wanderer failed to become the namesake of the famous artist.

The dog, however, was not upset in the least by this situation, especially since he quickly became a local celebrity himself: during a walk, the dog came to the aid of a girl he didn’t even know. It was during the Christmas parade that volunteer Kim Vigneault took Picasso in the hope of finding him a new owner.

At this point, the dog had been at the shelter for three weeks and no one had yet dared to take him in. There were a lot of people outside, but Picasso noticed a girl crouching on the side of the road with her head down and looking confused.

To the volunteer’s surprise, the dog suddenly pulled her straight towards her and laid his head on her chest.

He supported the girl, who had already started to fall on the pavement, because it turned out that she had started to pass out, due to a panic attack.  She took the dog in her arms and stroked it, she seemed to feel a little better.  Quickly, the mother ran towards them and helped the girl to her feet.

She explained that her daughter, Abigail Ellis, 16, suffers from a condition that sometimes causes blood circulation problems, leading to panic and sometimes fainting.  The woman thanked the dog for its help, inquired about its nickname and where it lived, then rushed to bring her daughter home.

The next day, Abby and her mother went to the shelter to visit Picasso. He probably recognized them and immediately started to caress the young girl. Abby hugged the dog, and it became clear to everyone that this dog was exactly what she was missing in life. Picasso therefore became the Ellis family’s pet dog.

Abby’s mother later said her daughter had been asking for a dog for a long time, but she doubted Abby could handle it, and was praying for a sign wherever she went.

The incident during the parade, when the dog saved his daughter from a head injury, is a sign of this. This incredible rescue is a life-changing Christmas miracle for Abby and Picasso, the dog the family now considers their guardian angel.

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