A Terrible crime in the USA

According to local news sites, Brianna L. Lingo was arrested last Thursday at 4:00 p.m. in the town of Moberly (about 100 kilometers north of Jefferson City, the Missouri state capital).

She is accused of two crimes: stealing an animal and animal cruelty. However, behind these two technical-sounding charges there is a terrible story – because the 29-year-old is said not only tormented a dog but killed him in the most horrific way!

According to police reports, the dog’s owner, who is also the accused’s mother, called 911 because her daughter killed the pet and then burned its body. The background to this act is said to have been some kind of sacrifice ritual, but what exactly it was about is not clear from the police reports published so far.

In a subsequent interrogation, Brianna L. Lingo even confessed: She directly admitted to the police that she strangled the dog and then burned his remains.

The situation now seems to be correspondingly clear, as Troy Link, the chief of the Moberly police force, said: « It’s a pretty clear case. » You got a call and they came up with the problem, then you contacted the suspect and she said, « Yes, I did it. »

The defendant even repeated her confession later, although she could have refused to testify. The 29-year-old is now sitting in the Randolph County Jail (with a bail of $5,000, about €4,800) awaiting trial.

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