A trucker from Ryazan rescued a puppy who is now looking for good owners

Of the hundreds of drivers arriving at the base, only one Viktor was heartbroken. We heard the cry for help from a dog under the guardhouse. The driver asked, « Who’s there squeaking under the threshold? »

Victor heard the sleeping guard say, « Yes, yesterday afternoon they threw him under the doorstep to die. He will probably freeze to death tonight… » Hearing the guard’s cynical and cold response. Victor shouted in anger: ‘What a pity for the animal, the dog will freeze to death in the freezing cold.

« Well, if it’s a pity, then take it and burn it », he said. overheard by the indifferent guard Victor complied, got on all fours, grabbed the dog’s chunk of icy flesh with his hands, and pulled the little black creature out.

The puppy was teething with gel. The driver carried the baby into the cabin, wrapped him in a warm sheepskin coat, and lit the stove. Victor couldn’t wait any longer for the unloading to be finished, he couldn’t wait any longer to enter the

The driver drove the car at the maximum permitted speed on the way back. And in less than a day he was in his hometown of Skopin. He arrived on time. The vet who examined and administered the emergency treatment to the pup said he was brought in on time.

He only arrived a few hours too late and the pup didn’t need any more help. The pup was given antibiotics and other pneumonia medications. Unfortunately, Victor couldn’t take it with him as he had to catch his next flight. And the puppy required a hospital stay, under medical supervision.

That is why the doctors, through social networks, appealed to the residents of the Ryazan region, who took it for themselves after picking up the dog.

This is how Nayda, a thousand and a half miles from where she was thrown into the street by soulless guards, was rescued, taken out, lifted, and helped find new owners by other kind people and caring.

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