A pair of adorable kittens watching a cartoon

Two cats are staring at the Tom and Jerry animated characters.

What could be more fun than watching a movie or a cartoon with your pets. Their soft fur makes them even more relaxed and allows you to fully enjoy what is happening on the screen.

Normally animals don’t care what you look at – they just want your attention and affection. But these two adorable cats will really surprise you. A pet owner turned on the cult cartoon « Tom and Jerry » on his laptop.

Cats, totally adorable, can’t take their eyes off the screen to observe the too-familiar characters. Two cats focus their attention on the animation Tom and Jerry.

It’s obvious how focused the creatures are: they react tensely to everything that happens, and even a rolling ball makes their cute heads turn behind her.

And at some point, the cats wanted to know more. They moved closer to the screen and began to investigate it from all angles. This amazing video shows that the endless pleasure of watching classic cartoons can transcend our understanding and perception.

And these two cats are clear proof of that. Two cats concentrate to watch Tom and Jerry’s cartoon.

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