After lunch, the cat lay down to rest in a box. She found itself 500 kilometers from her home

Everyone knows the enormous passion of cats for boxes. And today’s heroine could not pass one – this was the beginning of her very long and very dangerous journey.

So everything happened in the spring of 2022 in Hagen (a city in Germany). A domestic cat named Sonny used to go out in the afternoon in the courtyard of a house where, to his delight, he discovered a large cardboard box. The fluffy cat climbed into it, snuggled under a pile of packages, and dozed off.

The box contained a car part that Sonny’s father had left for him. In fact, the part did not fit the car and the man prepared the box to send it back to the factory. After lunch, he sealed the box, not noticing that Sonny was sleeping soundly, and handed it over to the couriers who took it away on a long, long journey.

Forty-eight hours after delivering the box containing the part, the couriers reached their final destination – one of Pressat’s car manufacturing plants (located 500 kilometers from the cat’s home). The box was unloaded and stored for nearly 30 hours before a company employee attended to it.

The employee had barely opened the box when the cat jumped out. The cat unexpectedly jumped out of the box and startled the employee, but fear eventually gave way to amazement. When the employee came to his senses, the cat had disappeared.

So the whole department looked for him, but he was very good at hiding. It was not easy to find the little cat in the huge warehouse; people must have spent a lot of time and energy on it, climbing up the high shelves, searching every open box, examining every corner… Eventually, they found it and grabbed it.

Sonny was placed in the office, where one of the company’s employees, a big lover of cats, immediately installed a plush one. A cot was made for the cat and they even ran to the nearest store to buy some food, as they could see he was very hungry and very thirsty.

They then investigated the path the box took with the cat and traced it back to its owners. Late at night, around midnight, the owners came for Sonny who had been worried since his disappearance. It was the old man who was the most worried.

As soon as he found out the cat had left the house in his box, he blamed himself for all the trouble in the world. When he returned, the cat immediately rubbed against him, as if to explain that everything was fine.

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