An abandoned and aggressive Shar-Pei has been rescued

it was abandoned, it was kicked out just because it was sick. Big was found near the train tracks, she had lived there recently. At least she wasn’t here a month ago.

The dog was aggressive and wouldn’t let anyone near. She threw herself on the volunteers who wanted to catch her and take her to the vet. The purebred dog, a Shar-Pei, was in terrible condition, both physically and mentally, and ended up in a landfill due to unscrupulous owners.

At the first difficulty, they got rid of Bigi, as they later called the dog. There was no way they would leave her in this place. The place was a railroad. The dog could have easily been run over by a train.

The volunteers received a call from people who were passing by and saw Bigi. They used special leashes to grab Bigi and put her in a cage. Big was very aggressive, and it was clear that the animal had been mistreated. We had to put her under observation. There was no other way.

The examination revealed that she had a toothache that needed to be removed, a fractured rib, and an infection in her ear and on her skin. They began processing and adapting Bigi. Angelika stayed with her for two days in order to calm her down.

But after the manipulations of the doctor and the painkillers, she became calmer and allowed Angelique to caress her. The dog looked at her as if to say, « I’m glad you found me! »

Of course, Angelica was so used to Bigi that she took her in. After a week of living with the family, it became clear why Bigi was so nervous; she just had a painful problem with her eyelid curling up. This is a characteristic of this breed of dog.

Big was operated on and is recovering very quickly under the close supervision of Angelique. She turned out to be a very sociable and affectionate dog. And a big thank you to all the volunteers for their kindness and help in rescuing the animals.

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