An adorable fox laughs when tickled

Foxes are very communicative animals and sometimes behave like little ones. A dog from the United States enjoys playing with its owner and laughs when tickled.

Dixie, a red fox that lives in a fox refuge, is known for her chuckling. She enjoys playing with her owner and loves in making others laugh on social media. Dixie is the sister of Muttias, a fox singer who charmed YouTube and Instagram with her arias.

Mikayla Raines, the owner of the SaveAFox Rescue refuge, publishes a video of this funny fox. The short video quickly went viral.

As Raines kisses Dixie, the fox laughs in delight – the interaction with the girl makes the animal happy.

The Laughing Fox has already been viewed by over half a million YouTube users. Viral laughter has already become a commodity at the shelter – Raines decided to create adorable stuffed animals, who laugh like Dixie.

Scientists have found that rats, dogs, and chimpanzees can laugh when they are tickled. Their laughter only vaguely resembles that of humans, but the fact remains that these animals can deliberately enjoy being tickled.

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