Animal attack: Snake bites woman’s face

The animal attack happened on Monday last week (June 13) in the city of Kentucky. As the news channel « WPSD Local 6 » reported, it was initially the daughter of the bitten woman who discovered the snake.

Kenley Thomas had just taken out the garbage can and was about to go back into the house when she saw the approximately 90-centimeter-long animal at the front door. The child then loudly « There’s a snake! » screamed – and her mother Mara Jo rushed over.

Unfortunately, the American only noticed the biting intruder when it was too late: Because the front door opens inwards, Mara Jo was suddenly faced to face with the reptile – and then the beast snapped.

Mara Jo then published some pictures of the reptile on Facebook, which apparently wanted to protect itself from the high temperatures with a « God bless America » ​​sign on the front door. The woman also posted photos of her bleeding bite wound.

The Facebook post then received a lot of attention: it has now been shared almost 55,000 times and has accumulated almost 11,000 comments from amazed users.

In the post, Mara Jo explained that she went to the hospital to be examined immediately after the bite. At the time, she didn’t know if the snake was poisonous or not.

Luckily it wasn’t poisonous and it didn’t hit me directly in the eye, » the woman wrote with relief, adding, « I’ll never put a sign on my door again! »

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