Are cats color blind? This is how cats see the world

The human eye can distinguish up to 20 million hues. The wavelength of light affects the color of the light, which changes based on the wavelength.

There are three cones in the human eye. Short-wave (blue), medium-wave (green), and long-wave (yellow-green) light can all be seen by these cones. The long-wave cone is also known as the « red receptor » since it is used to see red hues.

Cats are thought to have only two cones and are hence classified as « dichromats. » Shortwave (blue) and mediumwave (green) light are perceived differently by cats. Cats have a weaker vision than humans.

Above importantly, color variations, which humans can see easily, are almost non-existent in cats. They see reddish tones as continuously yellowish. Cats, on the other hand, have a preferred color: blue.

The University of Mainz determined this in a test involving 2000 runs. To get to their meal, the cats could pick between yellow and blue light sources using varied light sources. Blue was chosen by 95 percent of cats. No, a cat’s eye color has nothing to do with its vision.

All kittens are born with pale blue eyes that change color within the first three months of their lives. The hue of the cat’s eyes will become evident only after that.

It’s considerably more crucial for a hunter to be able to detect movement in various light levels, something cats excel at. They also have a highly developed sense of touch.

They also have an exceptional sense of touch. The whiskers themselves have an integrated navigation system. But that’s another topic.

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