The barn where the cat and dog lived closed and then collapsed.They spent three years caring for each other.

In 2015, several animals – a cat and a dog – arrived in a stable near the village of Novo-Talitsy in the Ivanovo region. Local workers picked up the strays and they quickly became part of the team.

The cat and the dog were fed and petted, but the problem is that they arrived too late. The barn, built in the 1940s, was already breathing heavily, as was the organization that owned the building.

In the same year, the business collapsed and closed, people lost their jobs, and the couple who had taken refuge there found themselves almost alone.

Almost – because former workers still occasionally look around the barn, visit the animals Busiya and Sharik, bringing them food and other treats. But, understandably, it was not regular, but rare.

Someone even made a cot for the animals – the two animals slept there, snuggled up together. Although many people knew of the couple’s existence, no one wanted to remove the poor animals from the abandoned barn.

Their once-comfortable life with food and care was no longer the same for pets. Now they have to take care of their own food and, worst of all, fight the cold. They had learned to catch rats, mice, and birds, but they couldn’t stand the cold in an abandoned building.

But before the new year, Busia and Sharik experienced another disaster in their already troubled lives: the roof of an old, unattended barn collapsed.

Fortunately, the two animals were not inside the barn and managed to survive, but they had to « move » into a wooden outbuilding. The old barn was somewhat isolated, but the dilapidated tool shed was a pitiful sight.

Nevertheless, there was nothing better – pets took up residence there. Kind people had brought new bedding to make a bed for the animals, but would that protect them from the freezing cold? Of course not. But the animals survived there for three long years.

Towards the very end of 2018, the cat fell seriously ill, meaning there was no one left to hunt, and the story would have ended in tragedy had it not been for a true miracle. of the New Year.

At the end of December, a group of young people from the village went for a walk and, as usual, their attention was drawn to the ruins of the barn. They decided to see what was there and found a barely alive cat lying next to a dog in the outhouse.

The company took some photos and posted them on social media and the next day, 31st Dec 18, the family came to pick up the cat and dog.

The new owners are not very public people, they didn’t want any excitement, but they let it be known that the cat and the dog were completely healed and became full members of the family and that now they no longer had to think about food and heating.

It was in this wonderful way that Busia and Shariq found a true home.

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