Why is my cat touching me with its paw?

Cats are headstrong animals whose current state of mind can change in a matter of seconds.

Cats communicate using all of their body languages. Cat owners should know the signals of their velvet paws in order to behave accordingly and build a harmonious relationship.

When living with a cat, it happens that the little kitty puts its paw on the face or some other part of its owner’s body. What at first appears to be a loving gesture can, however, also express a need on the part of the cat.

If the animal keeps nudging its owner, then it wants to tell them something important. People tend to transfer their own behavior to animals. Laying your hand on another person is a sign of affection, connection, and support.

Sometimes this gesture is also used to gently hold someone back or draw their attention. It is very similar to cats because what the touch of the paw means depends on the overall situation.

With this small gesture, cats can express feelings such as love, nervousness, and even fear. Cats show affection by gently placing their paws on their owners’ faces. They also usually purr and blink, which is a sign of trust.

A light and tender touch of the paw shows that the cat loves the person or is comfortable around them. Its claws are not extended and the rest of its body, especially its tail, is relaxed.

If the cat comes to its owner and nudges it briefly with its paw or head, it says « hello » in this way. It is often only a brief moment, which does not necessarily result in further interaction.

But not all cats greet their owners. The form in which kitties seek and allow closeness to their owners depends on their individual personalities and the cat-human relationship.

In general, the cat should act on its own and not be forced into anything. Many cats like it B. not if they are unintentionally touched on their sensitive paws.

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