Children found a kitten with plastered legs – it turned out that they were not damaged, it was just someone’s cruel joke

Human cruelty knows no bounds, especially when it comes to those who cannot defend themselves. This was what the little kitten had to learn, whose life was just beginning. But this same kitten will also learn something else: the love and kindness of humans, which still exist in this world.

So it all happened in the city of Phoenix, Arizona. The children were playing in the street when they heard a creak from across the road. They went there and found a small, but unusual kitten – the baby’s hind legs were in a cast.

There was no one around, but the kitten kept crying, so they decided to take him home to give him to an adult. The children’s parents immediately called an animal rescue organization and a girl named Hamel soon arrived.

She took the kitten and took him carefully, so as not to damage the plastered paws, to the veterinary clinic. Of course, she thought the kitten had serious limb damage – there was a reason for the cast.

However, the veterinarian, who examined the cat, was shocked: the cat was completely healthy. The X-ray showed that the cat’s paws were not only intact at the time, but that even in the past he had not suffered any injuries or bruises.

So this whole thing with the actors was just another sickening prank from someone else. Someone just decided to make fun of the animal, put a cast on it and let it roam free. The only problem was that the kitten was exhausted, which meant he had to be in plaster for at least a few days.

After being released from the cast, the new kitten, who was named Cupcake, went to the local shelter where Mr. Hamel was volunteering. He gained weight quite quickly and got used to kindness and people’s hands.

After all the necessary manipulations and a period of rehabilitation, the cat was looking for suitable owners. We want to believe that this little guy, who has known human cruelty, has already found a home.

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