Crows pushed an owl into the water: How accidental hikers saved the bird

A flock of crows chased an owl through freezing water. However, the bird was rescued by kayaking tourists.

Canadians Billy and Cara had taken a water trip on the Northwest River. While they were rafting, they saw a flock of crows attacking a huge owl. Despite their small size, they act in groups and are active.

The crows swooped down on the owl from above and pecked it with their beaks and clawed feet, preventing it from rising higher, to the side, or hiding. This went on until the bird fell into the water.

Kara immediately spotted where the feathered bird had fallen, and they directed the kayaks to the rescue. They didn’t have much time, because the owl doesn’t have a special water-repellent impregnation on its feathers, so it can descend quickly.

When they saw the bird in the water, Billy stretched out a paddle. The owl was strong enough to cling to it and sit on it, like on a branch. He then moved cautiously to the bow of the kayak and settled there, ruffling his wet feathers.

The owl did not attempt to fly away, so the couple steered their boat to shore. When they were only a few feet away, the bird shook itself, spread its wings, and flew to an old stump at the edge of the water.

From there, it watched its rescuers for a long time. Billy pointed out that the owl had been collected by conservationists, examined, and cared for. She needs specialist care, but will soon be able to go home.

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