Cubs from Estonia arrive at the Latvian farm

Two young bears near the Estonian border have suspicious behavior and may pose a danger to humans

Residents of a small northern town of Vidzeme, on the border with Estonia, encountered two adolescent bears: the animals behaved quite peacefully, they ate plums on a farm and did not at all were worried about shooting in the air.

The bears were not frightened, moreover, they soon returned to the local yards and climbed into the garbage can in front of Kalninsh’s house.

Their bold behavior raises legitimate concerns: what will happen next and why are these animals so fearless? If the Estonians do not help, the decision will have to be made to kill the cubs.

Bears are a particularly protected species in Latvia, and their hunting is prohibited, but according to Mr. Strode, bears may have to be hunted on an exceptional basis in order to ensure their safety.

In recent years, Estonia has taken deliberate measures to increase the population of brown bears. Therefore, they crowded into Estonian territory and came to Latvia.

However, the bears are not limited to the territory near the borders of Latvia, but go deeper into the country and settle in new habitats. ‘over the past few years, the bear population in Latvia has increased significantly.

While previously the number of bears was 10 to 15, today it is between 32 and 60. However, according to him, these bears are local and do not come from Estonia or Russia, as evidenced by their DNA.

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