Dog as a unique personality: Does this dog still find happiness?

The little mixed breed lady was born on May 17, 2017, and has already been neutered. Her previous owners gave the dog lady, who, according to the Frankfurt animal shelter, « has the joke written all over her face », because she was overwhelmed by the animal shelter.

There she was slightly exaggerated but largely loving and cuddly. However, Bigi has a tremendous aversion to anything related to dog walking.

Harness, collar, or leash – all these items make the little rebel want to bite them, which has sometimes led to her snapping at her owners. It will take dog experience and a lot of patience to break this behavior.

So far, however, Bigi’s supervisors have been able to confirm that her snapping is limited to the objects described and that there is no general danger of biting.

While she is getting used to the leash and the like, Bigi can also practice using the muzzle directly. Because of their not atypical aversion to vet visits, this is definitely needed.

The somewhat uncommon, on the other hand, is already housebroken, can be left alone for up to six hours, and drives well. Cats and small children are almost a horror and other dogs should not necessarily live in the new home.

However, if you show Bigi the necessary patience to break her « bad » habits, you can call them your own best friend for life.

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