Dog lyes on the same spot in the garden every morning: The reason is heartbreaking

By now it should be clear to everyone that dogs are loyal souls who want to accompany you throughout life. The story of Dougie shows that this bond sometimes extends beyond death.

The cocker spaniel « Dougie » had to go through a terrible thing recently: he lost his best friend. Obviously, he hasn’t recovered from the painful loss and misses four-legged « Burleigh » very much.

For this reason, Dougie has a very special ritual: Every day he goes to a very specific spot on the property of his owner Michelle Buckley. The dog then lies down there for a while.

« Dougie lies here every morning without exception, » explains the Australian. « Right next to where our beautiful Burleigh is buried. » In a TikTok video, you can see Michelle going into the garden. The sweet Cocker Spaniel, lying down on all four paws, actually appears behind a small bush.

Next door, a white dog figure marks his friend’s grave. Of course, the users who watched the heartbreaking video are blown away by this fidelity. Emma Louise Purser comments: « I’m crying for your dog. » Lorrainehardie22 says, « Sorry about your loss. Dougie is a little gem. »

« Oh, the poor baby! He misses his buddy, » writes user Rachel moved. Paula T W opines: « Love, loyalty, companionship…virtues that mankind knows nothing about « They know exactly what happened, they just don’t fully understand it. But they know their love is gone, » says Theoscakessa.

Many users agree: Dog Dougie urgently needs a new comrade.

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