Dog Ripi: Some bad things happened to this dog

Ripi’s dramatic story had moved animal lovers online. In December 2021, the « big blonde », as his keepers call him, came to Germany from a Hungarian partner shelter.

In the cathedral city on the Rhine, however, the hoped-for restart was not waiting for the four-legged friend, who was blind in one eye. Instead, he suffered a painful upset stomach and had to be operated on at a veterinary clinic.

Without the quick reaction of the animal shelter employees, Ripi would probably not have survived his plight at the time. Even worse: just a few days later, he was diagnosed with a second torsion in the stomach!

The « unlucky guy » of the past recovered only slowly after the surgery but is now back on the dam so that he could be placed with loved ones. Those interested would not have stood in line for the fate-stricken animal, the keepers reveal.

« But he [Ripi, editor’s note] couldn’t care less, because with York and Tom exactly the right people had their eyes on him. » Ripi has recently been living with his new owners. There he was finally « completely happy – and you can see that in his eyes ».

And another important thing has changed in the life of the four-legged friend. Instead of Ripi, according to his former supervisors, he now listens to the « most beautiful name in the world »: Bowie. New name, new luck!

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