The family took the deer with them

In order not to part with her pet named Hero, Galina Stepanets took him with her when moving. When a woman from Naryan-Mar was offered to move out, the only thing that saddened her was parting with the family favorite – a deer.

All movements are full of grace and dignity. It is impossible not to fall in love. She decided she couldn’t leave without him.

Specialists, having learned that the deer was being prepared for the move, warned the owner that the animal could not withstand both the road and acclimatization. But that didn’t stop her.

And delivered her handsome man in the best possible way. The hero quickly got used to the new place and quickly acquired branched horns instead of horns.

The woman is even thinking of opening a private zoo. The nature of the deer is docile, it allows itself to be petted by adults and children, only it does not like drunks. If he folds, it won’t seem like enough.

Now people from different parts of the region come together to see the miracle of the north

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