Golden Retriever Finley, like a hamster, can hold 6 balls in his mouth – a new world record!

The Guinness Book of Records has yet to comment on the situation, as setting and correcting records is a bureaucratic and cumbersome business. An application and a video confirmation are not enough, you have to follow a number of procedures.

But for the « Molloy » family from « New York », everything is already clear: their dog « Finley » is the record holder! Moreover, in a fairly rare appointment.

A few years ago, young « Finley » got so carried away while picking up balls that he brought 4 pieces at once. The owners were surprised and then decided to develop their talent.

« Finley » had always enjoyed playing with old tennis balls, and because he was obedient, he learned early to pick them up in a basket.

Over time, it became part of the game – collecting all the scattered balls at high speed, and then the dog realized that it was unprofitable to carry them one by one. So the path to the disc began.

Aside from his penchant for trolling balls, « Finley » is no different. Although not, he already has a professional deformity or developed skill – the dog can open his mouth very wide, and his cheeks move almost like a hamster to accommodate balls.

With 4-5 it’s not difficult, but to take 6th you have to help yourself with your paws. But he can do it whenever he wants, and not so lucky! And incredibly pleased with his talent, he can be seen with the naked eye.

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