How Corbin, a massive 70kg dog, became a foster dad for homeless kittens

Every day in the streets we see dogs fighting with cats. It would seem that they can never find a common language and become friends, but there are families where a dog lives with a cat and they are inseparable friends.

Today’s article tells the amazing story of a huge black dog named Corbin, weighing 70 kg, who became the adoptive father of little street kittens. Corbin’s owner once saw some beautiful little kittens who were starving without their mother and took them home for a while.

At home, they were welcomed by Corbin, the dog himself, who immediately accepted the kittens as his own children. Corbin is happy to help his mistress take care of the kittens and raise them.

He spent nights and days caring for them, playing and feeding them, and even putting them on the bed beside them until all the kittens fell asleep; he never left them. The kittens considered Corbin their mother, near whom they felt safe and comfortable.

All the neighbors in the house thought that Corbin, due to his large size, was a dangerous dog, but in fact, Corbin was very kind and sensitive, loving all his neighbors and children. Outside, he treated all the neighbors’ dogs and cats friendly and helped anyone with difficulty.

After a while, when the kittens grew up safely with Corbin’s love and care, they went to different homes with their loving owners. Corbin was delighted that the kittens were happy, but at first, he was homesick because he considered them his children.

Great dogs are not always bad dogs. And it’s not always the cat and the dog that are enemies.

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