Introvert dogs: An interesting story

While most extroverts can’t get enough of meeting people and making new friends, introverts often feel uncomfortable in these kinds of situations. The last group also includes little Qila from Sweden. The dog lady is incredibly shy and reserved and prefers to spend most of its time alone.

In order to make dealing with other conspecifics easier and less stressful for her, her owner took her to a dog psychologist – who invited her to a very special meeting:

So a few days later, Qila and her owner set out for a play session for puppies, who all have similar characteristics and aren’t really interested in making friends.

« Most of the time they were chilling, walking around and sniffing each other, » Qila’s owner wrote in a comment. And indeed: In the clip, you can see the many puppies sitting and standing at a certain distance from each other on the meadow and looking around tensely.

One thing is clear: the dogs don’t really know what to do with each other – and why they were put in such a situation in the first place. The video, which was published last week, has already been viewed more than 18.6 million times on TikTok and has delighted viewers.

« I don’t know exactly why but this is my new favorite video, » one of them giggled, while another wrote, « The dogs are like, ‘An email would have done it too.’

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