Leopard suddenly stands in front of the dog

The video was published by an Indian official named Awanish Sharan on his Twitter account. The clip was probably made in an Indian national park.

The work shows the following: The stray dog ​​is dozing on a street and is being filmed from a car. The leopard suddenly appears out of nowhere, jumping out of a bush at breakneck speed.

While the wildcat flexes its muscles and poses menacingly in front of the dog, the dog quickly retreats a few steps. But what happens next is surprising!

Instead of running away, the four-legged friend stops and barks like crazy. The leopard looks irritated at first and then takes a few steps to the side in the direction of the bush.

But both Twitter users and Indian media such as « The Indian Express » were convinced that the dog was ultimately able to scare away its opponent.

This is also indicated by the comment by Awanish Sharan, who wrote in his clip: « No matter how difficult the situation, keep the ‘trust’. »

The video has already been viewed more than 100,000 times. The Twitter users weren’t quite sure why the dog had stood up to the leopard so strongly.

One user speculated that the attacker was probably simply not hungry enough. Another even credited the dog with protecting the people behind him (in the jeep).

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