Lion died; liver and lung damage were found

That was the result of the pathological examination after the young animal died in Bad Langensalza, said veterinarian Kay Schecht on Tuesday in Erfurt. Latika died in the zoo park on Monday.

The death of the animal was particularly tragic for the team, as the young lioness was the first animal to be born there in the 17-year history of the lion house, explained zoo director Sabine Merz.

Before her death, the lioness had recovered more badly than well after her castration last Friday – according to the Zoopark a routine operation. Her condition worsened significantly on Monday before she died.

According to the vet, the surgery went smoothly. According to pathology, the changes in the liver and lungs were already present before the operation. That could also explain why Latika was so affected by the anesthesia, it said.

More precise statements could not be made at this point in time, said Schwechat. « She was still a very young animal. That’s why a tumor is rather unlikely. But it’s also not entirely impossible that it has something to do with it. »

Viruses or bacteria could also be responsible for the damage. « I have absolutely nothing to say about that. It could be anything. »

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