Nina Ruge: People who are looking for a pet need a lot of responsibility

This also applies to other pet owners: « People who are looking for a pet need a lot of responsibility – whether it’s a dog, cat or guinea pig, » emphasizes Ruge. Your own living conditions should enable your pet to lead a species-appropriate life.

Ruge recommends making a checklist in advance: How much attention, time, and money the animal needs, whether it can travel with you on vacation, or what solutions are needed

and whether the apartment should be changed (for example, a cat net attached to the balcony has to be done) – and whether veterinary bills aren’t a concern either.

Is the desire for an animal so great that the compromises that go with it are readily made? « Future owners should think about it: will we be a great family? » says Ruge.

Once the decision has been made, you should then go to the animal shelter and not to the breeder. This is how she wants to do it herself in the future: After the death of her first dog Lupo, the future companion for her bitch Vroni should not come from the breeder.

« I would like to get my next dog from the animal shelter. Also because I see that they are incredibly well cared for here and I get good advice on which animal suits me, » explains Ruge. Giving an animal from the home a second chance is a wonderful feeling.

During the consultation, the trained staff at the animal shelter know exactly what is important for the adoption to be successful. Because it is essential for a successful mediation that people and animals fit together with their expectations and needs.

Together with the pet food manufacturer Purina and the Munich animal shelter, Nina Ruge is committed to helping pets find a loving new home.

« I’ve been committed to animal welfare for years and am a dog owner myself. I think it’s important to develop and strengthen awareness of the needs of animals.

Not only humans have a right to happiness and we should all ensure that animals can have a good life with a lot of attention, » explains Ruge. For every comment, share, or like on the story, Purina will donate a full bowl of food to partner shelters.

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