People, who found a rare kitten in the forest for 1000 euros, decided to sell it

People discovered a lost kitten in the woodland in early September. It was discovered to be an extremely uncommon Bengal cat. These cats may cost thousands of euros.

As Evgeny said, he and his wife will look for the owner and will certainly return the kitten to him. The people who found it said that if the owner was not found, then they were ready to put it in good hands.

A girl was found wanting to take the kitten. They wrote to him that yes, they are returning it. The girl was in seventh heaven. They came and said: Of you 150, we don’t give it back, we sell it. But they are congratulated and encouraged to follow their example.

And they are just looking for those who will take it for overexposure until someone buys it. Evgeny was asked to explain why they decided to sell the kitten.

According to him, for a week and a half the owner did not show up, and the fact that they decided to sell the animal, was explained by the fact that they wanted to compensate for the expenses that they had engaged in treating the found kitten.

During these nine days, they failed to find the owner. It becomes apparent that no one is looking for a kitten. We thought about what to do and decided to put the cat on Avito, setting the cost to the amount of their fees.

Thus, they hope to minimize the likelihood of the cat ending up on the streets again.

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