The cat had spent its whole life on the streets. Eventually, it got lucky, too

This red-haired, seedy tramp has spent his whole life wandering and fighting. That’s how it goes with cats that are forced to be homeless.

When the cat was spotted by the zoo service who decided to take him to the cat shelter, he didn’t put up much of a fight. Apparently, he no longer had the strength to wander. The cat was about six years old but looked ten. The cat was covered in scars all over its body, and its ear and eye were badly damaged.

He was also suffering from a virus, he wouldn’t have lasted long without treatment. Despite the difficulties, Carrot-top turned out to be very social. He purred at the sight of a human, like a small tractor, which made him sympathetic to a human.

But despite his kindness, no one wanted to take the cat into the family. The guests of the shelter always stopped by the cat and scratched it for a long time behind the ear, but they always left with others – kittens or pretty kittens.

One day, a woman named Sandra, seeing a post about a sad cat on a social networking site, fell in love with the cat. He was exactly the kind of friend she wanted.

Sandra came to the shelter to get acquainted with him and, as she said, she was hit by Carrot-top. But there was a problem, due to which the woman could not bring the cat home.

She was renting an apartment whose owner was against animals. Sandra had been visiting the cat for some time and was waiting for the kindest of hands to find him. But time passed, and Carrot lived at the shelter, where he only got a glimpse of normal life.

One day, Sandra decided to send a photo of the cat to the owner and ask for his indulgence. And that touching face was able to melt the man’s heart. On the same day, Sandra took Carrot-top and they started their happy life together.

According to the woman, the cat purred non-stop during the first day and the first night. It was his way of expressing his happiness and gratitude.

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