The cat jumped on the shoulder of a man who came to the shelter – The cat chose its owner

We have already spoken many times about the fact that people do not always choose their pets, sometimes it is the other way around. Our story today is proof of that.

Stephanie and her boyfriend traveled to a local shelter in New York with every intention of picking out something small and cute, some sort of little animal for their home. They wanted a baby because they could not get over the death of their old animal.

But the saddest thing was the family cat, with whom the old animal had been friends for many years. They were hoping for a little gadget to keep the lone dog busy. We often make plans that aren’t supposed to happen…so this time things didn’t go the way we thought.

The couple had just entered the shelter and were snooping around, examining the animals, when a rather large white cat jumped on Stephanie’s boyfriend. He settled comfortably on the young man’s shoulder, slightly surprised. The cat was very cozy and exuded affection and tenderness.

He also sang a surprisingly beautiful song. He didn’t want to leave his hands and the more time he spent with Nathan, the clearer it became who they were going to go home with today. There was no turning down the little stuffed man, he showed so much love.

When they asked the cat’s name, they were even more surprised: it was called Oliver, just like their pet who had recently died. They all thought it was a sign of fate and the cat went home.

The young man took a few days off to help the cat settle in. Oliver immediately befriended the other family pet, but for the first time, he was still a little scared of this new, unfamiliar environment. The new owners were trying to put medicine in his ears and eyes because he had health problems.

At first, it was a lot to take in, but then a thriving Oliver gave everyone in the family hugs and kisses: Stephanie, her boyfriend, and the other cat.

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