The driver is shocked when the dog jumps out of the window

Ginger had her first major internet appearance on Wednesday – and she wanted to make it as dramatic as possible. Ginger’s mother was in the process of filming the dog enjoying the wind on her curly fur.

Normally, the little furry nose is an incredibly reserved and shy pet, which is why her mother didn’t even consider that something could go wrong with this campaign could.

So the shock was all the bigger when Ginger was grabbed by an adrenaline rush and her small body suddenly lost the ground under her feet.

In the background of the video, you can only hear her panicked mistress, who immediately hits the brakes and storms out of the car to check on the well-being of the little ones. The duo finally reported on the Instagram photo platform about the creepy and yet strange adventure.

« Well, the scariest, craziest, funniest thing I’ve ever had yesterday happened while I was chilling with my homie, » reads Ginger’s caption. The video’s comments section quickly filled with amused users and concerned animal lovers.

While many thought the video was incredibly funny, a large number of users expressed dismay. « That’s horrible… My God, you have to leash her! »,

« That’s so irresponsible! And you’ve got your cell phone in your hand while driving! » and « Be careful if you have pets » are just a few of the many critical comments collected under the video.

Luckily, Ginger and her owner can take the shocking incident with humor and will learn a lesson from it. This will definitely not happen to them again!

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