The first-grader was being teased at school, but the cat solved the problem

According to sociologists, people prefer to communicate with those who are similar to them, or at least who do not go outside the common frame of reference. Those who are different find it difficult to be pitied or hated.

Madden, a 7-year-old boy living in Oklahoma, USA, found this attitude particularly difficult – he was often teased at school by other children. Madden was born with a cleft lip and different colored eyes, a problem he disliked.

Of course, her lip has been corrected, but the doctors have not yet learned how to change the color of her eyes. Complete heterochromia is a character trait that only manifests in one percent of people, so Madden has always attracted attention.

Some children took his difference calmly, but others constantly made fun of his classmate. Sure, he hated taunts, but Madden didn’t know how to fix the situation. That’s when the cat came to her rescue.

A friend of her mom’s posted a photo on social media of a stray cat that rescuers picked up in Minnesota. When she saw the photo, the boy’s mother, Kristina Humphries, immediately knew the animal would be perfect for her son.

The fact is that the cat had exactly the same physical characteristics as the boy; he had a cleft lip and different colored eyes. Like Maddon’s, the right eye was yellow and the left blue.

The coincidence seemed incredible, and Christine was determined not to pass up her chance to help her son. With the help of many people, they managed to get this unusual cat back from the shelter and officially register it as their pet.

It turned out to be the right decision. The cat, named Luna, solved the boy’s problem. First off, Luna made friends with Maddon easily and they’re like thieves at a fair – they even sleep and eat together.

Then, when he then brought the cat to school with the permission of the teacher, all the children were delighted. They weren’t at all fazed by his different eyes – on the contrary, he seemed cute and charming to everyone.

Somehow, from that day on, the kids stopped teasing Maddon, and a simple stray cat helped him with it.

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