The owner of the goldfish has found a way to extend its life

Pets come in all shapes and sizes, not just dogs and cats. Fish and birds are also among the most popular pets, and Asians own them more often than Europeans. In a survey carried out on the GfK website and covering 22 countries.

People from China (17% mentioned them as a pet), followed by Turkey and Belgium (16% and 15% respectively) were more likely to like aquarium fish. Interestingly, men are more likely to consume fish than women (14% vs. 11%).

This may be because fish require less day-to-day care and attention than a dog or cat. Goldfish enthusiasts include Korean designer Henry Kim, 32, who owns three spacious aquariums housing around 20 of his favorite fish.

Henry is deeply attached to his young and is afflicted by their illnesses, especially swim bladder problems, which prevent the fish from staying afloat in the correct position. Suffering from this disease, fish swim sideways or downright upside down, which leads to their rapid death.

According to Henry’s observations, fish imported from China or Thailand are most often affected. Maybe they were kept in dirty water or they didn’t care enough. Either way, there is a problem and it needs to be addressed.

Frustrated, Henry began to think of ways to help his fish. He finally had an idea and built something that looked like a fish wheelchair. He built himself a simple plastic device that holds the fish upright in the water.

Today, Henry’s fish live for their entire lives, and the simplicity of construction allows other fish enthusiasts to apply his expertise when needed.

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