The owners decided to get rid of their cat when they moved and gave it to a shelter

A very unusual « landlord » went to one of the New York shelters. During all the time that the staff of the shelter (some of them have been working there for more than ten years), he has never seen anyone resembling this animal.

It all started when a family was considering moving. They were unable or unwilling to take their pet with them, and the cat ended up in a shelter. The cat, named Barsik (which suggests that its owners were Russian-speaking) weighed 17 kilos and was incredibly large.

The cat’s size temporarily baffled everyone at the shelter. Not only was Barsik’s weight causing him many health problems, but it was also difficult to house him – even a standard cage wouldn’t fit and he had to buy a new one. The extra expense was the worst thing in an already miserable shelter.

Plus, the odds of anyone being able to bring such a behemoth home were next to nil, to say the least. From what we know, Barsik’s prospects were far from rosy, as the shelter could not maintain and care for him forever. Normally, these animals should be euthanized.

But in Barsik’s case, a miracle happened. According to its new owner, bringing the cat home was no small feat… No wonder, given its size and weight. Barsik took some getting used to at home. The first few days he was very scared and tried to hide somewhere.

Of course, it didn’t work – he couldn’t jump on the cupboard, get under the sofa, or any secluded places, he just wouldn’t fit. The owner understood that something had to be done to help Barsik, and he quickly went to the vet. There, he has been prescribed medication and, most importantly, a diet.

With the proper care and feeding provided by his owner, Barsik has a good chance of returning to a more or less acceptable weight class, at least to the point of being able to jump on the couch on his own.

It will take a lot of time and even more work, but the woman loves her fat little one, so she will get her way.

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