The story of a Bull Terrier who saved a magpie and became its best friend

A dog not only comes to the aid of its master but also of an animal that needs someone’s help. There are many stories where a dog saves a cat and in today’s article the story of a dog who saved a bird and after that, they became best friends.

The heroine of today’s story is the dog, Betty. According to his owner, he is a very kind and obedient dog, who never chases cats and never hurts children. One day the owner Susanna and her husband went for a walk with Betty.

Betty ran ahead and saw an injured magpie bird on the side of the road and didn’t move until the owners arrived and acted to save the poor bird. The couple was unsure how to care for the bird and went to the animal welfare center for advice.

During the examination, they were told that the bird had a minor right-wing injury and would be back on the road in a week. During the week, Betty was constantly at the magpie’s side, sleeping with her and taking pity on her with her paw.

When the magpie recovered, Susannah opened the window and told the bird, « Now you can continue your journey », but the bird didn’t want to fly away, it came to Betty and flew away. is lying next to her, showing that he did not want to fly away from his friend.

Susannah and her husband were used to the bird and were happy that it stayed with them.

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