The story of the cat who raised $8 million for post-fight treatment

The animal was taken care of by a specialist after its recovery.

A cat named Buddy lived on the streets of Pennsylvania, USA. He had fought with someone there and urgently needed professional medical assistance. Volunteers from the SPCA center took the cat home, where it had already been examined. Center staff shared the cat’s story on social media.

People were touched by Buddy’s life and started sending money for his treatment. The animal proved to be a real fighter and clung to life as hard as it could, the center’s volunteers recall.

People who felt concerned collectively raised more than $130,000. Kathy Venanzi, a specialist, did her best to keep the cat alive. Gradually he recovered and the animal is now fully recovered. We have told a similar story before, of a man who spent a lot of money.

After recovering, Venanzi decided to take the animal with her. Her husband Dave suggested the idea. He saw how attached Buddy was to her. It should be noted that now Buddy lives in the house, surrounded by love and care, with the specialist’s other cat, Teddy.

So he raised $8 million for post-fight treatment.

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