The whole town is concerned about a stork

Mr. Meier, as the male stork is called by the keepers of the Olderdissen zoo, is no stranger to the East Westphalian metropolis. For a few years, he lived happily with his wife Meier in a barn at the home animal park. The breeding pair regularly gave birth to offspring – until the drama began this spring.

A rival disturbed the cozy togetherness, and more storks were added. One of them presumably attacked Mr. Meier so violently that he was seriously injured and, according to the animal park, had to be nursed back to health after receiving veterinary care in the sanctuary. Several media reported about it.

Now Mr. Meier lives in freedom again but has been stumbling through Bielefeld for a few weeks because he is not yet completely able to fly again. Some suspect he is wandering because he is lovesick.

Sometimes he stands in a parking lot, sometimes he walks through the streets and parks to look for food. Mr. Meier shows a little shy of people, which is why the animal keepers ask that his feathers not be too close when taking pictures.

Citizens keep calling the city or the zoo to express their concern for him. Incidentally, the pair of storks was named after the « Meierhof » restaurant on the zoo grounds.

The animal keepers hope that by the end of August the stork will have eaten enough food and be fit enough again for it to be able to travel the thousands of kilometers to its winter quarters in the south together with its fellow species from the region.

If he is still too weak, the zoo wants to feed Mr. Meier through the cold season.

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