This dog’s unusual and amusing tricks have made him an internet star

Ollie, a Labrador who lives with his owners in Berkshire, England, is a very gifted and very agile pooch. It can even replace the table of its owners.

This is because he is so adept at holding glasses, cups, kettles, and other liquids on his back and heel. Because of this, social media users have dubbed the good boy the « King of Balance ».

« The position Ollie takes is very natural for dogs. They do it all the time when they want to play. I once had the idea of ​​putting an object on Ollie to see if he could hold it in place and he did it perfectly the first time, » – Alex, Ollie’s owner, said.

Ollie’s extraordinary skills quickly made him an internet star. He is now delighting millions of social media users with his tricks. For example, he has almost two million followers on his account and his most popular video with the dog has 37.5 million views.

Plus, Ollie can carry small appliances, cereal boxes, purses, and more on his back. To get into the right position for his tricks. The Labrador extends its front legs, arches its back, and straightens its hind legs.

His owner Alex then places an object on him. Despite the enthusiastic wagging of its tail, the dog does not drop the object.

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