This kitten does tricks and wants a constant companion after being found

Earlier this year, a foster family was contacted about a pair of kittens in need of help. They were found just hours after they were born.

The cat’s mother never returned for the kittens, so a good Samaritan took them for help. The kitten named Alexander did his best to finish every meal and showered his brother Liam with hugs.

Despite their best efforts to save them both, Liam, who was only half his brother’s height, left. Patricia fed the kitten around the clock and spent a lot of time with him.

Alexander became very attached to his adoptive mother and wanted to stay with her constantly. The orange boy looked at his adoptive mother with those big dreamy eyes whenever he wanted her to stay.

Alexandre comes running when he sees Patricia in the room. He absolutely insists on being up close and personal, so he can offer many of his signature kisses.

The orange kitten is also befriended by a dog and other foster kittens, showing them that even though he is small, he has a big personality. Alexander is curious, adventurous, and very affectionate towards those he meets.

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