The Amur tiger plays in the snow

The Amur Tiger is the year 2022’s emblem. It turns out that this unique species enjoys winter activities as well. A video of a Siberian tiger was published by Wildlife Heaven Park, a family wildlife park in the United Kingdom.

It is known as one of the most common and biggest tiger subgroups. It has thicker fur unlike tigers from temperate temperature zones. Its primary tone in the winter is orange, and its stomach is coated with white.

It is indeed a first breed tiger that has a thickness of six centimeters of fat on the belly. It provides protection against the cold and climate variations. The Amur tiger is color blind and sees seven times better at night than a human.

The males live in isolation, the females are generally found grouped together. Tigers make special noises to say hello. These noises come from heavy breathing through the nose and mouth. Signs of affection are muzzle contact and sideways rubbing.

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