Top 5 Vindictive Cats That Don’t Need Constant Attention

Which cats are independent and vindictive towards humans?

1. The Blue Cat, a gray cat with bright green eyes, is an independent cat that only likes affection when in a good mood. These cats can easily spend time alone at home without an owner, they always know what to do with themselves and do not get discouraged.

2. The American Shorthair is an independent cat that does not like to receive too much attention from its masters and tolerates loneliness well. They don’t tolerate punishment, even if they go past the litter box and you punish them, they will answer for it.

If you want to curry favor with this cat, don’t try to impose yourself on him, wait until he gets tired and comes to show you his affection.

3. The Savannah is a cross between a Serval and a Bengal cat, which explains its large size. Savannahs are independent and very intelligent cats.

They love attention from their owners, but they don’t like petting, they love being around their owners, but they also love their personal space, and if you don’t give them that, they can trash the whole house with it. their dissatisfaction.

If Savannah has a grudge against you, he may ignore you for a long time or even scratch and bite you.

4: Thai cats are a breed quite similar to Siamese cats. They love attention and affection from their owners. If at any point it seems the cat’s owners don’t care about him, he will show his grudge to them by trashing the whole house. Thai cats are very vindictive and never forget their attackers.

5. German Rex – Cats who strongly love their homes and their owners, but value appearing in strangers’ homes, Rexes begin to get angry and offended. They are active, they can’t sit still for long, and they want to play all the time, but they don’t get upset if they are neglected.

But under no circumstances should you let a Rex have other cats because he will react negatively and you never know what he will do because of it.

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