A photographer rescued two street dogs

An Austrian photographer named Anne Geyer found two four-legged friends while traveling in Europe. She first took in Finn, a cross between a Foxsterer and a Labrador, then a few years later found Juri, at a center in Romania.

The two dogs have had a lot of difficult days, but they now have a real dream life to envy. Together with Finn and Juri, the photographer travels in a VW T4 van to some of Europe’s finest natural attractions.

They traveled to South Tyrol, Switzerland, Italy, Germany, Norway, and, of course, their native Austria, writes Good News Network. « It’s great that we can go anywhere and anytime. I think going from hotel to hotel every few days would be too stressful. » – Ann says.

Ann takes a camera on every trip and takes stunning shots of her furry friends in crystal clear lakes, snow-capped mountains, misty forests, fjords, and other places.

Ann, Finn, and Juri’s travels have been on hold for a while, but as soon as the borders open, the trio will be back on the road. « I think animals, in general, need our help. We have to do everything we can for them, » adds the photographer.

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