Unlucky koala rescued for the third time in Australia

There are sometimes individuals among humans who are often unlucky in life. They crash, fall, or have accidents. They are said to be distracted or unlucky. It turns out that this phenomenon also occurs in the animal kingdom.

An astonishing case occurred in Australia. For the third time, local animal rescuers have been able to save a koala from trouble.

The first rescue attempt saved a « citizen » who got stuck in a branch and injured himself and had to be treated at a koala rehabilitation center for several weeks. It was then that he was fitted with a special identification tag.

After about six months, he was hit by a car. He was lucky because there were no major broken bones, just bruises, and abrasions. After a week of rehabilitation, the koala was released back into the forest.

Two years later, the same loser was found stuck in a fence. His head was stuck between the bars in such a way that it was impossible to get there without human help.

Rescuers greeted him with a smile, mocking his ability to put himself in such situations. The koala, of course, was released this time too, with a joking promise to behave more carefully!

But the beast does not seem to be very happy with this kind of luck either!

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