« What is beauty? » I have two cats living at home

It’s a house with two cats, » begins one of the most quoted poems in the cat community. And she also knows firsthand about living with two cats in an apartment.

a 10-year-old bastard came to live with me when I lived in St. Petersburg. I wanted a black-haired cat and named him Ozzy Osbourne, and that’s what happened.

Back in 2008, social media wasn’t quite as developed yet, so I googled a chat forum. One of the first ads I saw was for black kittens. « I came to get acquainted, I asked why all the kittens were taken and this one stayed. The breeders honestly admitted that the cat was not friendly. »

happened in 2016 when I moved in with my husband. Bulka is a purebred British Briton and is now 5 years old. For some reason, my husband wanted a British cat. And on one of his trips, he bought Bulka from a breeder he knew in Minsk.

I wasn’t worried about meeting Ozzy and Bulka, because Ozzy had seen many cats before and he became friends with all of them. He is generally devoid of aggression and loves all his congeners.

For example, when I had kittens at the center, he would go into « super-dad » mode: he would show the house around, sleep in a hug and lick them.

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