What to do when your lovely dog gets old

Balanced feeding and, of course, greatly improved medical care are the main reasons why beloved four-legged friends are getting older. However, this is accompanied by a loss of quality of life, which dog owners can mitigate using various methods, as the « Aktion tier » reports.

As a rule, old dogs initially lose their eyesight, because they often suffer – like humans – which means that the animals can only see dimly. From now on, the pet owner has to give hand signals if he wants to be recognized by his pet from afar, » explains Doctor Tina Holscher.

However, the sense of sight in dogs plays a rather subordinate role anyway. But the hearing of the fur noses also gets worse with age. In this case, the owners should fall back on frequencies that the animal can still perceive, which are mostly high-pitched sounds.

Of course, we humans are also familiar with that, whereby the frequency is less important for us than the volume – who doesn’t know the TV that is much too loud at Grandma’s or Grandpas?

And another human affliction also affects the four-legged friends: arthrosis. Here an early intervention with the best friend is required. « Nowadays, the vitality of the dog can be maintained with medication, even if it has joint problems, » the veterinarian celebrates the medical progress.

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