Why doesn’t her BFF play with her?

Maria Fernanda Osterling was constantly at her adored owner’s side even before that, during her pregnancy. « I was very curious if it would stay like this after Martina was born, » the young woman told The Dodo. And indeed: « I was pleasantly surprised. »

Luna treated Martina like a sister from the start. Osterling gushed, « She guards them, takes care of them, and sleeps at their side when Marti sleeps. »

But as much as the dog enjoys spending time with the little girl, there’s one thing she just doesn’t understand: why can’t the two play together?

Osterling had recently noticed Luna’s joy when she walked into the room with her blue ball and set it on the child’s bed. Then the fur nose was confused. What was going on – why wasn’t the toy thrown at her? She cocked her head in irritation.

« I was pretty impacted, » Osterling smiled, « because it showed me that Luna loves Martina, even though Martina can’t show her yet. » But don’t worry! Luna doesn’t have to be too sad. Fortunately, the little rascals grow up quickly!

For the young mom, there’s no question: these two girls will soon be best friends! « The ability of a little animal to love us is infinite. Luna has a wonderful way of saying it:  »

She beamingly smiled. Since then, Osterling has shared a video of the four-legged friend’s funny attempt at a play on her TikTok account « fosterling » and has delighted more than 1.7 million users.

« My heart! Don’t worry Luna, soon she will be bigger and then you can play together »

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