In search of salt: wild animals spotted on the road near Lutsk

Locals are not surprised to see deer on the road, as there is a botanical reserve nearby. They are not the only wild animals that run on the road here. The animals came out on the road and concentrated to eat something.

They run around the village like dogs. The hypothesis is that the deer wanted to eat the salt that had been sprinkled on the roads. It’s not the dogs that run around our village, but the deer, – a local resident made a funny comment about the appearance of the deer.

Not only do residents of neighboring villages see roe deer, but also wild pigs and deer. There is, in fact, a botanical reserve around.

Fallow deer, including roe deer, are not indifferent to salt.

These animals feed mainly on plants, which cannot provide them with the necessary trace elements and minerals. That is why these large forest animals seek out salt deposits and actively lick them.

In winter, cloven-hoofed mammals often come out onto the road and lick up the salt residue. This activity can last for hours. Interesting: watch a video about a pelican living in Vinnytsia.

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