How a woman from Omsk saved a dog stuck between two garages

The morning sleep of residents of a dormitory town in Omsk was disturbed by the howling and barking of an unknown dog. Olga Ivanovna, turning to the other side. She pulled the pillow over her head and tried to sleep again. But the barking didn’t stop, and sleep didn’t come.

The woman got out of bed and woke up her daughter. The two got dressed, got off, and headed for the garages, where the dog was barking desperately. When they approached, they saw that the boy and the girl were already there.

The scene appeared. A little pup tried to squeeze between the garages and got stuck. And, as they say, neither one way nor the other. Frightened and desperate, the puppy barked and howled, letting those around him know of his desperate situation.

We didn’t know how or what we could do to help the dog. We managed to get some water and give it to the dog. And during this time, Olga began to call the MES, the fire brigade, and the rescue services.

Unfortunately, she failed to make her happy. For some people it was not part of their job, the organization was not involved in animal rescue. For some, it was early and inconvenient. The working day did not start before 9 o’clock. In general, no rescuer could be found for the dog.

Suddenly the police arrived. The squad was drawn to the noise and activity in the garages. The woman approached the police asking for help with the dog. The woman asked the policeman for help, but he politely refused. The police explained that they had other tasks to perform.

The police convinced that there was no danger to the health and property of citizens, continued their patrol route. The young men left, and Olga Ivanovna and her daughter were left alone with the stuck dog. The animal was getting worse and worse, and the pup started foaming at the mouth.

She decided to give the dog another drink and slipped a stick through the narrow passage with a water bottle tied to it. But most of the water did not reach the animal’s mouth but spilled onto the walls of nearby garages, between which the dog got stuck.

This water, along with wet fur and walls, helped the dog regain its freedom later on. Olga Ivanovna was almost completely in despair and gave up. But she decided to try one last time to free the dog. The woman tried to push the animal back with an empty bottle attached to a stick.

Slowly and hesitantly at first, then faster and better, but the dog managed to get out of the way and started backing up. After a few seconds, the dog was out of danger and was free. The pup was so happy to be freed that he didn’t even run-up to his rescuers to lick their noses in gratitude.

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