Woman Wanted To Take Home A Stray Kitten But She Was Undecided And Took Three Kittens At Once

Christie’s beloved cat, who was 13, has died. Christie’s neighbors all knew how hard it was for her to part with her beloved pet. One day a neighbor came to Christie’s and told her that her cat had kittens in the barn next door and was missing.

Christie immediately decided she wanted a new kitten and went with her neighbor to the barn. She saw two small white kittens there, of which she could not choose a single one and decided to take two at once. Then Christy turned her head towards the exit and saw a black kitten sitting there too.

But Christie still couldn’t make up her mind, nor could she leave one to fend for herself, so she took all three and went home happy. From day one, the kittens quickly got used to their new home and started running around the house.

They were healthy kittens, who just needed a little eye care for all three of them, which Christy did very well. At night, when Christy went to bed, the three fluffy kittens jumped on her bed and took their places wherever they pleased.

A few months later, Christy said she still doesn’t know which one is cuter or better. This is how the kittens became as they grew older:

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