The woman wants to send her dog’s food after her death

After the death of her beloved dog Guster, Anna Brose was devastated. The end of her four-legged friend had come as such a surprise to her that she still had a lot of dog food left. For this reason, she asked the retailer if she could return the unopened goods.

The answer from « Chewy » took the American Madison’s breath away. Although Guster had already needed an emergency operation in February, Anna Brose was apparently confident that her darling would live for a long time.

But the male-only had a few weeks left. At the end of May, Brose reported with a bitter tweet: « My sweet boy Gus passed away unexpectedly and prematurely a few days ago while we were out of town.

I just want everyone to know that he was the most gentle and loving dog who overcame so many fears to come to life with We miss you so much, pretty boy. »

The user enthusiastically wrote that Chewy not only refunded her the full purchase price but also gave her a bouquet of flowers including a card that was signed by an employee. The company didn’t even want the food back, instead of asking them to donate it to a local animal shelter.

The tweet not only reached thousands of users who were just as enthusiastic as the mistress, but also Chewy. And so the company confirmed the story via Twitter: « It’s the least we could do Anna. We hope these flowers help to lift your spirits.

In any case, they did. Normally one can only dream of this much customer service.

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