Construction Workers Rescued This Living Clay Block Because It Contained A Woodland Visitor

Even if the life of a hedgehog is more like a paradise Sometimes they even end up in deadly situations due to human negligence. More recently, construction workers in St Albans, UK, dug a large trench during maintenance work.

They had covered the hole with planks before leaving for the weekend, but there were still large gaps in the joints. A hedgehog fell into one of them. As he tried to pull himself out, he became more and more covered in clay, until his mass completely immobilized the animal.

When the builders noticed the wood visitor in the hole, they immediately called the animal rescue service. In addition, after a long procedure, the animal decontaminated clay. Lots of detergent and water were used.

« Due to the fact that the hedgehog had frozen hard, it was constantly tangled. This caused a lot of problems during work. We couldn’t keep the animal warm because the clay would have frozen. »

It should be noted that after the water treatments, the workers of the center gave a name to the rescued animal. He is now completely safe, but before releasing him back into the wild, the center staff decided to monitor the hedgehog’s health for a few more days.

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