A $4,000 fine and a year in prison for dumping his dogs

Apparently, there is justice in the world, and sometimes it prevails. You can see it in a case that happened in Texas. A woman stopped her car at the end of a housing estate in the state where there was no one there and no one was watching her. She opened the car doors and four dogs got out.

She kicked the last one to make it move. She got in the car and drove off. It was a short story. But by pure chance, at that time and place, there was another woman who filmed what happened on her phone.

And when the lady’s intention became clear that she had taken her dogs out and thrown them away, the lady posted the video on the internet. Authorities took an interest in the video and found and rounded up three of the dogs. A fourth was also found, then the dog’s negligent owner.

The video clearly shows the license plate and the woman’s face. The police had no trouble identifying him. Animal rights activists and the police have taken up the case and condemned this cruel act. The lady was fined $4,000 and sentenced to one year in prison.

The case has been highly publicized due to the video which has been uploaded to the internet and there is no way to mitigate the sentence. The lady will have to serve her sentence for her dogs so that others do not have to be punished.

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